About Us


A Marketplace Solution Built from Scratch

1. Who We Are

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2. Why Choose MarketEngine

MarketEngine optimizes Shopping Experience from Sell to Search & Shop

  • Purchase, rental, contact. All are possible: Your marketplace could be a platform for product sale, rental, or contact. MarketEngine’s got you well covered for any types of listing.
  • Easy to sell: In MarketEngine, sellers can easily offer any services for sale, rental, or booking. Multiple fields, including service description, price, images, categories, and tags are possible for sellers to input detailed information of their listings.
  • Easy to search: Search bar is on every page so that users can search for their needs from anywhere on your marketplace. Besides, filtering and sorting functions are supported to help users quickly find the most relevant results.
  • Easy to shop: No hassle when it comes to payment step. PayPal and other popular payment gateways are integrated for a smooth checkout.

MarketEngine protects your users with a Secure System

  • Trustful reviews & ratings: Only after each completed transaction can buyers write review and rate for the service. Real comments help create a trusted community and enhance user’s satisfaction.
  • Secure payments: Security is always put at top priority for money transactions. Secure payment gateways are built into MarketEngine to minimize the risk of online transaction.
  • Descriptive seller profiles: Every seller on your marketplace has their own profile page to display bio, location, and their listings.. Users can contact a seller right from his profile.
  • Live message & order tracking: People can contact each other directly via message inbox. Also, every order is well tracked inside the inbox.
  • Dispute center: In case users are not satisfied with the results, they can send a dispute and you will decide who receives the refund.

Manage your marketplace & Monetize by various methods

  • Admin dashboard management: You know when new members join your marketplace, new listings are submitted, and new orders are made. Also, you can make any changes from admin dashboard.
  • Easy customization: Effortlessly adjust the settings to best match your niche concept. Fast and effective.
  • Mobile friendly: As mobile customers are the new king of ecommerce, MarketEngine cannot stand aside the trend. MarketEngine runs seamlessly and looks good on any devices, from desktop to tablet, and mobile.
  • Multiple monetizing methods: Save the best for last. Income is generated from commission fee of each transaction, from service listing or featured listing submitted by sellers.

3. How It Works

Join and become a seller

MarketEngine makes it easy for anyone to join your marketplace and become an active seller. They can do anything in your marketplace, including sell, rent, and contact with each other.

Search and shop

3 steps for buyers to find what they need. 3 steps to complete the transaction.

Get it done

Pay through our safe and reliable system. Everything is under admin control.

4. Meet Our Team

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