How It Works


Sell Easy – Search Easy – Shop Easy

MarketEngine is a WordPress plugin which helps you to build a multi vendor marketplace platform for any niche. Users then can use this site to find their suitable services:

  • Sellers can post offer any services for sale, rental, or contact.
  • Buyers can find their needs.

In MarketEngine, user can act 2 roles as an seller and buyer.

  • As an seller, you can easily login to the site and immediately start posting your items.
  • As a buyer, you can search for your needs and place an order.

1. Easy to Sell:

In MarketEngine, sellers can easily join your marketplace and become an active seller.  They can do anything in your marketplace and offer any services for sale, rental, or booking. Multiple fields, including service description, price, images, categories, and tags are possible for sellers to input detailed information of their listings.  

2. Easy to Search:

Realizing shopping experience is one of the keystones of success, MarketEngine focuses on building the marketplace with all features needed for a great marketplace.

  • Within a few minutes, users can  search for their needs from anywhere on your marketplace since search bar is on every page.
  • Filtering and sorting functions are supported to help users quickly find the most relevant results.
  • Every seller on your marketplace has their own profile page to display bio, location, and their listings, etc. Thus, users can contact a seller right from his profile.

3. Easy to Shop:

After searching their needs, users can proceed to checkout whenever they wish. Transaction is completed in a matter of clicks. Once the buyer successfully places an order, the money is sent through a payment gateway to both the admin account (commission) and buyer account via PayPal – one of the most popular and reliable payment gateway in the world.

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile